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Google Adwords campaign design (Setup)


Design and Create a Google Adwords Campaign (Setup) 300,00 euro (once)

  • Creating an adwords account with company details/span>
  • Choose keywords that will trigger the ad
  • Create campaign text according to your instructions - offers
  • Tips for the right campaign development strategy
  • Choosing the right budget and cost per click
  • Direction of the ad to the correct host page
  • Link your campaign with conversion metrics (conversion tracking)
  • Build your campaign in the right Ad Groups
  • Website Links Extensions
  • Call Link Extensions
  • Location Extensions - Google My business
  • Message Extensions

Monthly Management on Social Media (Fac, Insta)

200.00 150.00

Social Media management includes:

  • 2 Posts per week - High Season / 1 Post per week - Low Season
  • Manage Facebook, Instagram and accommodation website blogs
  • Management and consulting services for paid advertising campaigns
  • Discussion of Customer Needs
  • Competition Evaluation and Research
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting results (Reach, Engagement, likes etc)
  • Create graphics (cover, posts, backgrounds etc) - Extras

Platform SEO Ranking by Abouthotelier

500.00 400.00

Περιλαμβάνονται τα ακόλουθα: Analytics & Traffic, Visitors, Pages, Conversions, Snippets, Google Search Console data ,SEO potential, Marketing plan, Website audit, Crawled pages, Compare crawls, Page changes monitoring, Settings, Backlinks,Competitors Search. SEO software gives you information and statistics that will save you time and energy. 

  • Check the ranking of your hotel.
  • Keep track of Google SERP features.
  • Keep track of map results.

We have high standards which prove that our approach is based on quality, robust error management, guarantees and open communication. These characteristics allow us to work focusing on quality, based on the interest of our clients. 

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