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Channel Manager

Submit your rooms on the largest online agencies and maximize your revenue. Channel Manager is the solid cloud-based platform you need in order to manage every online distribution channel.

Why Do You Need a Channel Manager?

If your hotel is not under control, chances are it will be left in the dust by higher-tech
competitors. Channel manager is the absolute essential system to help you with your distribution.

It will increase your online bookings

Online Bookings is an important part the industry. Channel manager will put your hotel in the best place so you can accept reservations from all over the globe.

It will build trust around your brand

For hotel guests, the thought of better deals found elsewhere is highly distracting. By easily keeping your rates consistent on all channels, you will build consumer trust.

You will avoid costly mistakes

Channel Manager does exactly what it says - it manages the channels you are working with. This synchronization between your online sales will eliminate overbookings.

It will save you from time-consuming tasks

With channel manager, the manual update of the inventory will stay in the past. When a room is booked, your distribution network will be automatically updated.

Primal Res Channel

Manager Platform.

The channel management software that guarantees you total control of your online distribution.

Channel manager platform, operated by Abouthotelier, is a modern system of unified reservations’ management that is designed on the basis of a fast and qualitative customer service, and also on the basis of an effective management and delivery of information on the digital sales channels in a unified and practical environment.

Through using Primal-Res Hotel Channel Manager the hotelier can update both the International Reservation Systems and his direct agreements with various digital sales channels such as Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, etc., in minimum time.

Top Features

Manage every online distribution channel with ease!


Easy log-in

You don't need to install any software. All that's required is internet access. You are just one click away from the largest online agencies.


Perfect for big or small

Hotel chain, boutique or cottage houses: Take the best of technology and increase your profit. Create your own rules that fit your needs.


Connected with Room Rack

Each time an online booking is being made, your Room Rack Cloud PMS gets updated, helping you avoid overbooking.

Hotel Booking Engine | Online booking system for hotels

How does it work?

List all your rooms and send availability updates on all channels

Increase your profit

Maximize your hotel occupancy while keeping commissions low. Avoid being overbooked, using the stop sell tool.

No hidden costs

Advertise on as many hotel sales channels you wish with no extra cost.

Increase your profits by reducing costs in a planned and organized way.

Increase your profits by reducing costs in a planned and organized way.

Product Recommendations

Our clients combine the Channel Manager System of PrimalRes with these solutions to save money and time.

Make your hotel campaign an effective one by personalizing your newsletter. Use the elegant & professional hotel email templates of Abouthotelier and easily increase your customer base in a trasparent way.

Take your hotel management to the next level. Room Rack Cloud PMS covers every aspect of your hotel’s needs. Organize your rates, allocate your rooms, create invoices – all in a user-friendly graphic display. 

Travelers want to book their room at the best price available. You provide it. Why isn’t your revenue improved? It is no longer a secret. RateStrip Price Check Widget helps increase direct bookings – up to 54%.

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