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Allow your guests to complete their check in before even come to the hotel, saving time during arrival. Easy and quick Mobile Check in System safe for your guests.The Ultimate Platform!
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Online Check In System & Hotel Manager Platform

We all are used to complete an online check in when we travel by plane. How about being able to do it in the hotel we’ll spend our vacation? With Mobile Online Check In App by Abouthotelier (fully compatible in desktop and mobile) is now possible!

How does it work?

You choose how many hours before the arrival you want an email or mobile text message to be sent to the guests and what personal information you want them to fill in. Once the guest completes the process, both them and the hotel receive an email that the Online Check In was completed successfully.

Connection with your reservations

Online Check In can be addresses to all guests, regardless the way the completed their booking. All reservations from the Booking Engine and OTAs can be connected in the service.

Information in time

Knowing already all the important personal information of your guests you save time during arrival. You can use this time smartly, get to know your guests better and make suggestions for additional services.

Useful statistics

In the Hotel Manager Platform you can see useful data, like total reservations, number of guests, as long as data for the online check in process, like what’s the stage for each online check in.

Trust relationship with guests

Create a more personal relationship with your guests before even arrive to your hotel, get to know them better and make them trust you even more.

Why do guests like the Online Check In?


It’s easy and quick

When guests receive the email for the Online Check In, it won’t take them more than 5 minutes to fill in all their personal information. When they are finished, they will receive a second email that the process was completed successfully.


It’s safe

The process is completely safe. Guests can read the property’s privacy policy and in case their typed something wrong, they can start over the process.


They gain time during arrival

Maybe many of us at some point we had to wait quite a bit at a reception until we can check in. Now, check in is possible before even guests arrive in the hotel.

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions. Until then, read below our clients most frequently asked questions.

Guests will receive an email in the email address they entered during reservation that they can complete their check in online. When they are finished, they will receive a second email that the process was completed successfully. The hotel also receives an email that a new guest just completed their online check in.

You decide that! You just have to choose how many hours before the arrival you want the email to be sent to the guest.

Guests can fill in personal information like full name, address, location, passport id etc. During the set up process you’ll have to inform us which personal information want to be mandatory or not.

In the platform you will be able to see the number of total reservations, number of guests, check in that are completed successfully or haven’t been completed yet etc.

Of course! In the platform it is possible to enter a reservation manually and choose when you would like the email to be sent to the guest.


The perfect way for the Online Check In to be
completed contactless!

The perfect way for the Online Check In to be 
completed contactless!

Συστάσεις Προϊόντων

Οι πελάτες μας συνδυάζουν το Online Check In με αυτές τις λύσεις για ακόμα μεγαλύτερο κέρδος.

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