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Price Check Widget & Review Monitor

Ratestrip Software online comparison tool converts your website’s visitors into real online bookings! Make the booking process easy for users.

Price comparison tool & review monitor

Maximize your Direct Sales

Your hotel's website deserves to be your most profitable channel.

Convince visitors to book directly on your website

Personalize the web experience for every visitor

Easy to manage dynamic hotel manager platform

Track your progress and optimize performance

Increase Your Direct Bookings
Manage your reservations the way OTAs do!

Conversion Rates

Discover all the tools of price comparison that retain users' attention. Increase your conversion rates and gain more direct bookings.

Rate Parity Alert

The key to maximizing revenue is optimizing price across various OTAs. Have access to insights when an OTA is selling cheaper than you and regain control.

Review Monitor

OTAs make reviews the central of their content strategy. We include them to our tools, giving you the power to appear trustworthy.

Exit Intent Pop up

An exit popup appears on your hotel website when a user attempts to leave the site. It's an effort to keep the prospective guest on your page - and it works.

Push Web Notifications

They are used in marketing to build, engage and retain audience. It is a tested method that turns your hotel website to a selling tool that can be trusted.


Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that follows your prospective guest all over the web. This way you can drive him back to your hotel website.

Price Tracking

Sometimes guest are just wandering around without actually being ready to commit to a booking yet. Our price tracking alert helps them remember you.

Live Chat & Chatbot

Chatting can have a significant impact on user experience. Choose your fighter - live chatting or chatbot? The answer depends on your needs.

Manage your reservations the way OTAs do!

Benefit from tools similar to those used by OTAs for listing reservations. Give your customers a clear way to
see the price differences between the hotel’s official site and the price on various OTAs. Increase your direct
bookings through tools which create an urgent need to your customers, including a countdown clock for special
offers,graphics displaying the “available rooms left” message, as well as the number of recent bookings.

Hotel Manager Software & Price check Widget Τιμή | by

‘Ratestrip’ Price Comparison Tool for Websites.

Secure More Direct Bookings Through Your Website With An Increase Of Up To 54%! Let your customers compare your online prices with a simple but powerful widget without leaving your website, so they can finalise their booking.

Customers will be certain you offer the best available price. Price Check will lead them easily to the completion of their booking.
Important Benefits:
✔ Immediate display of prices
✔ Translation into any language
✔ It supports various currencies
✔ Loyalty Link – Min Stay
✔ Availability form

Key Features that Optimize Conversion

▸ Best Price Automated Guarantee
One could say that hotel guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to making a reservation online. OTAs and OTA resellers have created a pretty competitive landscape in which hoteliers need to become creative and beneficial in order to differentiate. Encourage your customers to book with you while offering price transparency. The embedded metasearch tool can track the rates of the OTAs (real-time) and automatically hide their prices whenever they are lower than your official price.

▸ Rate calendar
Help travelers find the perfect dates and prices for their stay. The completed calendar of your hotel’s prices allows visitors to easily check when the lowest prices are available, as well as when your hotel is fully booked and there is no availability.

Display your hotel’s review ratings

Show potential customers reasons to trust you by listing the ranking of your hotel in many sources like, Trip Advisor,, Google, Facebook.

Adjust your reviews depending on the user. The platform detects which reviews lead to higher conversion and displays them to your customers automatically!

Clever automated notifications

Trigger bookings on your website by improving your strategy based on consumer psychology.
Automatic Notes, customized at the colors of your website, discreetly showcase to your visitors information you wish to transfer.
We automatically post messages based on your site activity (e.g. “number of users searching for this hotel now”) and we create customized notes to highlight specific benefits (e.g. “free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check in“).
Reassure your visitors that they are at the right place, the right time..!

Save searches & help your visitors remember you

Help your visitors remember you, so that they complete their reservation later on. Many users are not ready to confirm their booking on the first visit to your hotel’s website. Our system lets them save their searches and receive an email with your best available price. When they come back to your website, they’ll see a button to resume their previous search. This is a proven technique that works with people who are still on their "searching" stage.

Live Rates on website Ratestrip

Parity Alert Report

The Hotel Manager platform automatically informs you when there is a price difference in between your channels and your official price offered on your website. With the Parity alert Manager tool, you can deal with any inconsistency without any hustle.
Next time the channel prices will get cheaper than your official price, there will be a series of actions automatically taken to protect your interest.

1. We will initially hide the channel price from the Price Comparison tool of your website.
2. We will email you to let you know about the price difference.
3. Finally, you can take control, fix the problem directly from the platform and go back at having the most reliable and fair price.

Price is key in the booking decision. Monitor your price competitiveness and increase your direct bookings, by always having and displaying the best available prices on your website.

Product Recommendations

Our clients combine the “RateStrip” Hotel Price Check Widget & Review Monitor with these solutions to maximize their hotel sales strategy. offers the best SEO software designed to improve the ranking of your hotel website in search engine results pages. Benefit from insights and statistics that will save you both time and energy.

An innovative hotel booking engine designed to optimize conversion and boost direct bookings. Get reservations directly from your hotel website without the need to pay a large commission. creates hotel websites that keep visitors’ attention and thus increase your conversions. Choose between our templates or get in touch to create a custom look specifically for your hotel. 

Increase conversion in your booking process!

Increase conversion in your booking process!

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