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> Dear Hoteliers,
we are happy to announce that the iHotel Manager [Res&Req] app are now completely!

Our new property partner app lets you keep Webhotelier, Primal res & in your pocket.
– Receive Webhotelier reservations easier and faster
– Receive ChannelStream reservations in your mobile
– Stay up-to-date on today’s arrivals, departures, new bookings, cancellations, modifications, and reviews
– Gives ihotel experience concierge operators the ability to arm their staff with instant unrestricted access to guest requests & feedback.
-Push notifications: whether it is a simple guest request or a new booking you will know it as soon as it happens
Stay in touch with live chat between you and guests!
App store (IOS):…/hotel-manager-requ…/id1080149420…
Play store (ANDROID):…

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